02 XI

We say it straight: breasts are important, and spreading knowledge about breast cancer might be crucial for the life and health of many women. We are proud to support such exceptional initiatives as Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day.

The heroines of the day were exceptional women, each one with her own unique story, who faced breast cancer and now share their experience with other women. 

The main purpose of this event, organized by Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź and Regional Multidisciplinary Center for Oncology and Traumatology in Łódź, is to spread knowledge and awareness that women who underwent mastectomy are entitled to the surgery for breast reconstruction covered by national health service. 

The women looked splendidly as models for the brand new collections of top Polish designers.  





09 VI 2017

Destination: Dubai! Delia Cosmetics heads for Beautyworld Middle East trade fair

We conquered Dubai! We're back from BeautyWorld Middle East trade fair. Read our news! 

26 IV 2017

Omega+ hair color dedicated page is lauched!

Learn more about Omega+ hair color – the new landing page is launched!


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