Brown shampoo with colour deepening effect

Refreshing shampoo with colour deepening effect for brown hair

Cameleo Brown is a line enriched with walnut leaves extract that will deepen the colour of your brown hair and give it a flashing shine!

  • Walnut leaves extract will make your brown hair even more brown!
  • Highlight your bronzes and bring out the best of them!
  • Get the best shine!
  • Give your hair intensive nourishment and great cleansing!
  • Prepare yourself for a beautiful chocolate effect on your hair!

Is the shampoo right for you? Yes, if:

  • You have brown hair – natural or dyed.
  • You want to highlight your hair colour, protect it from fading and make it shiny like never before.
  • You expect a gradual deepening of your hair colour.
  • You want to take proper care of your brown hair every day.


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