Cameleo Neon Colors

NEON COLORS semi-permanent hair color cream

100% satisfaction, fun & color

  • free your true colors - the color gradually washes off and last for up to 8-15 shampoos, so no worries - you can try another one in just 2 weeks!
  • Neon Colors is safe to use at home, so there's no need to visit hair salons. It's best to do it your way, right? wink
  • GREEN LIGHT: Go ahead if you are a blonde or have highlights or ombre. Neon Colors love all kinds of fair hair.
  • If you are a brunette, STOP! The color won't be visible on your hair. Use Cameleo Blonde Star Extreme all over your hair or on chosen strands and then go ahead!.
  • You can't wait to try out another color? Wash your hair regularly with Neon Color-Off Shampoo which speeds up color fading.

Available colors: pink, blue, peach, violet, and red.


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