Eyebrow palette

Eyebrow palette

If you want a quick fix for your brows, the Eyebrow Stylist Set will be a perfect solution for you.

You won’t have to worry which colour to choose as the set will satisfy the need of every woman who dreams of perfectly defined brows.

The shades were chosen so that they can be mixed and match nearly all eyebrows. For blondes, use the lighter shade. For darker hair, choose the darker shade or a mixture of both.

The set contains wax, two natural powder shades and a convenient brush with two angled sides.

You will achieve the eyebrows of your dreams quickly and easily:

  • Using one angled side apply a small amount of wax to both eyebrows starting from the inner side of the eye.
  • With the other side of the brush fill in the shape with a powder shade – choose one of the two shades or mix them together, everything is up to you!

You can also start by mixing wax with the powder shade and then applying it straight away.

For your convenience the set contains a built-in mirror so you can control how your brows look in every situation!


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