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Where can I buy Delia cosmetics?

You can find the comprehensive range of our cosmetics at
Selected, flagship products are also sold in traditional retail and online in large drugstore chains throughout the country. You can find out more about this here.
But that’s not all – our cosmetics can be purchased at hundreds of small, local drugstores or in online shops in Poland and abroad, thanks to numerous wholesalers and distributors. So, you may find products…. just around the corner!

How can I find out more about your cosmetics or what’s new in your offer?

There are many ways to do so! If you use the Internet on a daily basis, you can sign up for our newsletter and receive information about promotions and news directly to your email box. If you enjoy using social media, you can follow our profiles on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. And if you just want to talk about our cosmetics or get to know more about our Female Customers’ community, join the special FB group #fajnebabki and become one of us!

What should I do, when my cosmetic is currently not available?

Although we are the exclusive manufacturer of Delia and Cameleo cosmetics, (click here for sometimes the given product may no longer be available in our warehouses and therefore it cannot be purchased at our online shop, either. Nevertheless, at the same time, it may still be sold at other outlets, due to wide distribution model.

If the cosmetic is still produced, it should be back in stock online within a few days or few weeks the longest. Sometimes the product you are looking for may be withdrawn from our range for good. If you would like to learn more about a specific cosmetic, please contact us at: or get in touch with us via social media channels.

How do I place an order at

You can place an order at: We do not accept telephone orders. You can select individual cosmetics from the offer by clicking the “add to cart” icon. Please note that many of our products have different colour options, which are always marked on the product card.

The products you add to the electronic shopping cart will become a binding order only when you proceed to “checkout”, then choose the form of delivery and the form of payment and enter all data necessary to complete the order (name, surname, address, phone number, email address), together with your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions. Afterwards, you should click on the “Order with obligation to pay” icon. Until you click this icon, you can modify or amend your order at any time, as well as change the data provided in it. After placing your order, you should receive an automatically generated order confirmation message in your email box.

How do I pay for the cosmetics I have ordered?

There are several payment options available. You can pay for your cosmetics using traditional bank transfer to our account. The payment details will be sent to you in a separate email. You may also pay in cash on delivery or through fast online payment via Przelewy24 system. Within this form of payment you can also use PayPo, which is a deferred payment system that allows to pay for your order up to 30 days after it’s placement!

What is PayPo and how does it work?

PayPo is a deferred payment system which allows to pay for your online purchases later. You can extend the payment to 30 days or repay it in instalments. Find out more about it at (click here). When you choose this payment method within the Przelewy24 PayPo service, PayPo pays for your order in our online shop and you receive the goods without any delay. If you do not have an account with PayPo yet, you will need to enter your details first. Then PayPo performs a quick verification of your purchasing capacity and grants you an initial purchase limit (between 300 and 800 PLN). We have no influence on PayPo’s initial assessment of your purchasing capacity, nor do we have the ability to generate links to deferred payments.

How long do I wait for my order?

We always do our best to deliver the cosmetics to you as quickly as possible.
Let’s say, you place your order on Monday in the afternoon, when you get back from work. You will receive your cosmetics on Wednesday! The actual delivery time depends on several factors, such as: the form of payment you have chosen, the time and day you have placed your order at and the chosen form of delivery.

If you pay for your order using Przelewy24 which is an instant online payment or choose cash on delivery, your parcel will be shipped out immediately. If you choose to pay by traditional bank transfer, we will start completing your order only when the payment has been credited to our account, which may take up to three calendar days, if you send the transfer on a Friday afternoon.

We complete the shipments in the morning, in order to hand them over to the courier companies around noon. So, if we receive your order after 12 in the afternoon, it will most likely be handed over to the courier on the next working day. You can find the delivery times guaranteed by various courier companies in the table: (click here).

As the manufacturer, we offer the highest possible availability of all products, but in special cases, it may take us up to 72h to complete your order, as we have to shift the cosmetic of your choice between our warehouses.

Do you deliver Delia cosmetics abroad?

Currently, our on-line shop offers local deliveries within the territory of Poland only. The good news is that our cosmetics are also available in multi-brand shops such as popular and local marketplaces and in hundreds of online shops (both Polish and foreign), which may have different delivery policies.

What is the percentage of a given raw material in the cosmetic which I have indicated?

The recipes of our cosmetics are carefully developed in our own laboratories by experienced employees. We carry out tests in accordance with the provisions of the Cosmetics Act, based on national standards and in compliance with European Union Directives. We test our products and we are responsible for their effectiveness. On individual packaging and in the description online of each cosmetic product you will find the composition of the product according to INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients), which is the international nomenclature of cosmetic ingredients and substances. However, the detailed formulations and percentages of individual ingredients used in the cosmetics remain our trade secret.

Can I return the cosmetics I had purchased from Delia online shop?

Of course, you can return products that you had purchased online in accordance with the law. For your convenience we have extended the return period up to 30 days from deliveryl. The condition for receiving a full refund is to return the cosmetics unused (intact protective films, clean pumps, original seals). If, after first use of the cosmetic, you show signs of allergy or simply can’t stand the fragrance, you can still return it before the end of 30-day return period, or you can file a complaint. If you return a used product, we will make a corresponding deduction of the original price. We process all complaints within 30 days.

You can find more information about this here: (click here).

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