Permanent dyes


Thinking about the perfect hair coloring at home, we have created a unique product for you – Cameleo Permanent Color Cream.

The breakthrough HCE (High Conditioning Enhancer) technology ensures intense color penetration into the hair and MAXIMUM effect, all thanks to the unique composition of pigments that guarantee long-lasting and multi-dimensional color. They are also more resistant to washing out and fading, so you can enjoy your favorite hair color longer.

With Cameleo you can easily and safely dye your hair in any color.

Brunette or blonde? Or maybe a redhead? Regardless of the shade you choose, we will take care of the intense effect, shine and healthy look of your hair.

At Cameleo you will find hair dyes tailored to your needs – including various levels of durability and a wide range of the most fashionable colors. If you are determined to make permanent changes, and at the same time want to get rid of gray hair – choose Cameleo Omega + Color Cream. If you are just starting your adventure with hair dyeing and you value natural products, Cameleo Herbal Henna folr hair will be your best ally. For those who are undecided and experiment with their appearance, we have popular shampoos, bestseller rinses and coloring sprays in crazy shades!