30 October 2018

Press Conference and makeup workshops Miss Polonia 2018

On October 30th we prepared the candidates for the Miss Polonia title for a press conference and introduced them to a makeup workshop.
16 October 2018

XI European Economic Forum Łódź 2018

Delia Cosmetics took part in the XI European Economic Forum where we promoted natural hair products.
24 September 2018

International Bioeconomy Congess Łódź 2018

On September 24th we took part in the Bioecomy Congress aiming at promoting bioeconomies in Central and Eastern Europe.
22 September 2018

We won the 2018 Grohman award

The Łódź Special Economic Zone gave out awards named after Grohman – one of the city’s founders.
15 September 2018

Family picnic to celebrate our 20th anniversary!

On September the 15th we have celebrated our 20th anniversary together with our employees.
11 September 2018

Cameleo #Timeforachange Campaign

The Autumn Cameleo Campaign is full of attractions! From September onwards, you will be able to spot Cameleo in newspapers, TV and online!
8 September 2018

The Look of the Year Final Ball

On 8th September a Final Ball of one of the most prestigious modelling contests took place. Delia Cosmetics was responsible for finalists’ makeup.
31 August 2018

The Look of the Year press conference

A press conference with, amongst others, Miss Polonia Agata Biernat, Mr Polonia Rafał Maślak and blogger Modny Tata took place on 31st August. Delia Cosmetics is one of the main sponsors.
27 August 2018

Miss Polonia 2018 Photoshoot

Our makeup artists and stylists were responsible for this year’s participants!
26 July 2018

Photoshoot of The Look of the Year participants

We are proud to say that this year our makeup artists were responsible for the makeup during the photoshoot.
23 June 2018

See blogers

On June 23rd, Delia Cosmetics was part of See Bloggers taking place in EC1 in Łódź.
2 November 2017

Delia Cosmetics supports Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day!

We say it straight: breasts are important, and spreading knowledge about breast cancer might be crucial for the life and health of many women.