As a family company that has been succesfully operating for over 25 years, this fall we were awarded the role of the Honorary Host of XVIII Symposium of Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry. It was a unique experience and a very interesting time. As a part of the Symposium, our premises were visited by representatives of other companies participating in the event.

We started our tour of Delia’s headquarters with a short presentation of our main activities, led with innate lightness by our founder – Józef Szmich PhD. After the official part, the trip set out to visit individual departments of our factory in Konstantynów Łódzki. The guests could see, among others:

The main organizers of the event could not miss this tour – amongst our guests we welcomed the President of BMP We Build Possibilities of Understanding – Adam Grzeszczuk and his wife and the Operations Director Mateusz Grzeszczuk. There was no end to the questions, and our visitors often expressed their enthusiasm. The trip was led by Production Manager Agnieszka Śmigaj.
Next edition of the Symposium is to be held in Gdynia.