On September 10, there was a gala “Pearls of the Cosmetic Market”. This year, Delia and Cameleo cosmetics received 10 prizes!

The micellar lotion line - in the category of cosmetics and make-up removal accessories has been awarded with The Silver Pearl!

Other products awarded in this year's ranking:
• Keep Natural line - in the category of face care cosmetics
• Pen marker - in the category of cosmetics for eyelashes and eyebrow styling
• Quattro Ombre Color Master – the eyeshadow line - in the category of eye make-up cosmetics.
• Conditioner Line - Effect in 12 days - in the category of nail care and styling.
• Glow Elixir Lip Oil Be Glamor - in the lip cosmetics category.
• Bio Green Philosophy - nail polish line - in the nail care and styling category.
• Line of hair coloring toners with hydrosols - in the category of cosmetics for styling and hair coloring.
• Cameleo Aloes & Coconut -the line of vegan hair cosmetics - in the cosmetics category of the eco-vegan trend.
• Cameleo Hair Booster – the line of shampoo enhancers - in the Innovation of the Year category - hair cosmetics.