We greatly appreciate the opportunity to finally meet face to face with each other, we missed it so much. The cooperation with influencers is an important marketing tool for us, which we are constantly developing.

On 30th July, 2021, it was with great pleasure, that we met with beauty Influencers to present our new line of certified face care cosmetics: EKOflorist:

-the participants received a vast dose of knowledge about the products, they had the opportunity to test them and consult us on any doubts,

-there was a huge amount of flowers and delicious food, referring to the composition of our products. The menu included, among others: hibiscus flowers, which are the main ingredients of this cosmetic line,

- after the presentation of the products, there were impressive floristic workshops, during which the participants could create their own compositions of dried flowers in the boho style –which is in line with the latest trends.

The EKOflorist is a comprehensive, certified and vegan line of facial cleansing and skin care products.

Check: https://sklep.delia.pl/307-ekoflorist-naturalna