Gold Cross of Merit is the highest expression of respect for the daily, hard work of Polish Entrepreneurs – full of commitment and strength in facing everyday challenges. This year, this unique award went to only eighteen carefully selected people all over Poland. Among them was also the founder of Delia Cosmetics – Józef Szmich.

It is a great honor, pride and appreciation of the many years of intense and determined work of Mr. Szmich. According to the 1992 Act, the Cross of Merit is a reward for people who have contributed to the State or citizens by performing acts that exceed the scope of their normal duties and that are of significant benefit to the State or citizens.

‘Your activity is associated with great dedication and commitment, because you are responsible not only for the future of your companies, but also of the employees they employ’ – said the President during the award ceremony. These words have a special meaning, especially now – in times of geopolitical uncertainty.

Congratulations to Józef Szmich on this achievement!